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Riya Batra – London, England – Marketing

My four week internship has been amazing! I was lucky enough to work on a number of promotions with major brands, and go to some amazing events. Getting into the daily routine of travelling into work, working really hard all day, and then finding the time to socialise was hard but rewarding as I met some great people, and learnt a lot about myself, and my industry.

Giuseppina Lucero – London, England – PR/Events

Having graduated last year, my main focus was to gain first hand experience in a real work setting and develop new skills. I definitely want to start my own PR agency, and am a lot clearer about how much time, effort, and work will be involved, but am confident now that I can succeed, having spent time with such an established agency.

Kelly Weidemeyer – London, England – Clothing Design

Looking back, nothing could have prepared me for the thrill and excitement of life in London. Working for a well-known designer was daunting not just because I didn't really know what to expect, but because the standards and levels of expectation were so high. By the end of the experience I really felt like part of the team and didn't want to leave. Thanks.

Henrik Bjorg – Milan, Italy – Clothing Design

I have always been focused on my life after design college, and securing my internship through FWI definitely definitely broadened my horizons and taught me that moving from Sweden to realise my dream is something that I will definitely be able to do when the time comes to move permanently.

Sylvie Abram - London, England - Retail Management

My internship has been such a great experience. London is an amazing city, with something new to see and do everyday. I didn't realise how much work is involved in running a retail fashion outlet, and spending time on the shop floor and in the London head office really gave me a feel for what it takes to succeed in fashion retail management. London is a really expensive city so staying in the hostel worked out well for me.

Jennifer Wright – New York, US – PR/Events

Fashion Week was a conveyor belt of meeting new people, meeting more new people, working at the shows of some of my fave designers, and then going out to play after work! The highlight of my Summer in the Big Apple!

Kris Meyer – Berlin, Germany – Clothing Manufacturer

Being trusted enough to attend client meetings taught me so much about how relationships are so important in the fashion industry. Berlin is a small city and everyone knows everyone, so much so that I ended up spending my nights out with the same people I met during work, and am now heading back next Summer to start work for one of the companies I was introduced to during my internship.

Kate Levinson – London, England – PR/Events

My internship was the best birthday present I have ever received! I planned my trip to Europe to make sure that I was able to take in France, Italy, and Spain, before heading to England to start work. I learned so much, and have made friends for life. Making it onto the red carpet was a dream come true! Thank-you FWI for everything.

Chloe Brookes - London, England – Retail Chain Management

I had been trying for 3 months to get an internship at one of the high street fashion retailers before I decided to work with Fashion Week Internships. Knowing that I needed to get the position confirmed within 5 weeks to secure my Award, Sarah really did her best and finally got me a role within the Arcadia Group shadowing the store manager. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Working on Oxford street was amazing and becoming part of the team so quickly really boosted my confidence. I would have liked to have been able to have changed store after the first month, but nevertheless I really enjoyed everything. Thanks.

Zahra Jaber – London, England – Designers Studio

Anyone considering working in the fashion industry should do a FWI internship! Making it in fashion is not about luck but hard work, and soaking up every bit of advice and wisdom you can. I learned so much from my mentor and am really grateful for the opportunity.

Lara Weber, Milan, Italy – Clothing Supplier

I truly enjoyed the Internship in Milan. I was assigned to a new business team of a commercial clothing supplier, and spent the first two weeks analysing client businesses, gathering data to build sales presentations from, and working with my manager to identify new sales opportunities. Some of the work was ridiculously technical but I coped, and am really proud of how complimentary my managers leaving report of me was.

Cécile Roux, Milan, Italy – Label Buying Team

My Internship in Milan was amazing. I gained my first work experience in one of the fashion capitals of the world. I met professionals in the industry from various parts of Europe and learned new skills that I will apply to my career in fashion. I can't wait to start working!